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Senate President  |  Lila Gardner

503.838.8557  |


The Senate President is the head of the Legislative Branch of ASWOU. The Senate President facilitates the ASWOU Senate. The Senate President represents Senate at Executive Cabinet and Judicial Board meetings, as well as recruits members of the student body to the ASWOU Senate. The Senate President is in charge of planning meeting places/times and working with Senate leadership. The Senate President is a resource to Senators, as well as any and all students. The Senate President also attends the Incidental Fee Committee to represent student opinion, but does not have a vote.








Senate Pro Tempore  | Austin Davis



The Senate Pro Tempore is part of the Senate body and is consider to be part of Senate leadership. The Pro Tempore is elected by the 3rd meeting of fall term and is responsible for taking over the Senate President’s position if they are unable to lead a meeting for any reason. They can also step in part way through meetings if the Senate President would like to participate in the conversation. They are required to sit on the Rules committee, and have a meeting with the Senate President and Parliamentarian once a month. The Pro Tempore is also responsible for planning all tabling for the Senate.


Basic Job Requirements:

- Sit on Rules Committee

- Step in for the Senate President if necessary

- Creates tabling schedule

Senate Parliamentarian  |  Shane Follett



The Senate Parliamentarian is responsible for determining if the Senate is operating appropriately based on Robert’s Rules of Order. They are looked to for making the final decision on appropriate procedure, but the Senate can overrule their vote by a 2/3 vote. The Senate Parliamentarian must be familiar with the most recent Robert’s Rules of Order, and also ensure that the Senate is following the ASWOU By-Laws/Constitution.


Basic Job Requirements:

-  Become familiar with Roberts Rules of Order

-  Makes decisions based on Roberts Rules and the ASWOU By-Laws/Constitution




Austin Davis, Shane Follett, Jamie Norr, Nash Idler, and Leo Palacio.



An ASWOU Senator is a part of the Legislative branch. They are responsible for legislation each term that seeks to improve/change something either on campus, or in the ASWOU By-Laws/Constitution. The Senate has the power to change the By-Laws at any time with a simple majority vote. Each Senator also sits on at least one of the standing committees. They can choose between the Rules, Student Needs, Public Relations, and Budget Committees. The Senate also elects a Pro Tempore and a Parliamentarian which have additional responsibilities (listed below).


Basic Job Requirements of All Senate Members:

- Sponsor legislation to benefit students

- Attend all Senate meetings

- Sit on a committee (rules, budget, student needs)

- Table to inform students of current issues and legislation


ASWOU is the student government body of Western Oregon University (WOU). This organization is designed to encompass all of the students at WOU. The student government is tasked with advocating for students' rights to the WOU administration as well as the state of Oregon and the nation. | 503.838.8553

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