Judicial Board Members

ASWOU Judicial Branch



Judicial Administrator  |  Logan Doerfler

503.838.8556  |  aswouja@mail.wou.edu

The Judicial Administrator is the head of the Judicial Branch. They oversee the Judicial Board, and represent them at Executive Cabinet meetings as well as Senate meetings. They are in charge of facilitating the Judicial Board meetings and do the preparation for the meetings. The Judicial Administrator also monitors ASWOU as a whole to ensure that ASWOU is following their By-Laws/Constitution.









Judicial Board Vice Chair |  To Be Announced

The Judicial Board Vice Chair is the member of the Judicial Board that steps in for the ASWOU Judicial Administrator if they are unable to carry out their position. They also assist the Judicial Administrator in duties when needed, and should be able to take over and run any ASWOU Judicial Board meeting.

Basic Job Requirements:

- Take over for the Judicial Administrator if necessary



Justices  |   Emily Searls, Erik Morgan, Suning Xu, Jeb Brateng

The Judicial Board consists of 5 justices who collectively determine if ASWOU is operating in accordance with the ASWOU By-Laws/Constitution. If the Judicial Board has questions/concerns, or deems someone else’s concerns worth investigating, anyone can be brought in for a hearing of the Judicial Board (this includes student clubs/organizations).


Basic Job Requirements:

- 5 member board

- Responsible for upholding the ASWOU By-Laws and Constitution

- Can hold hearings for any members/organizations recognized under ASWOU










Advisor  |  John Wilkins





ASWOU is the student government body of Western Oregon University (WOU). This organization is designed to encompass all of the students at WOU. The student government is tasked with advocating for students' rights to the WOU administration as well as the state of Oregon and the nation.

aswou@wou.edu | 503.838.8553

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