Club Meeting Times and Location 

  • Acapella Smith Hall
  • African Students and Friends Association Tuesday, 5pm Ochoco Room, WUC
  • American Sign Language Thursday, 5pm Willamette Room, WUC
  • Anime Club Wednesday, 6 pm NS 101
  • Anthropology Tuesday, 4pm HSS 235
  • Art Club Wednesday, 6pm Thursday, 6pm 3rd Floor Campbell Hall
  • Black Student Union Tuesday, 4pm Klamath Room
  • Business & Economics Wednesday, 5:30pm Library
  • Byte Club Wednesday, 4-6pm 3rd Floor ITC
  • Catholic Campus Ministry Tuesdays, 7pm Please Contact Club
  • Chinese Student Scholars Association Wednesday, 4pm Maaske Hall
  • College Republicans Tuesday, 5pm Rogue Room, WUC
  • Communications Club Tuesday, 6pm HSS Conference Room
  • Community and Family Health Organization Monday, 5pm Library 210
  • CRU Tuesday, 7pm Willamette Room, WUC
  • Education Club Every Other Thursday, 6pm Please Contact Club
  • Environmental Wednesday, 6pm HSS 230
  • eSports Wednesday, 6pm ITC 003
  • German Club Wednesday, 11-1pm Friday, 3-4pm Library 201
  • Global Brigades TBD
  • Green Dot Tuesday, 7pm Calapooia Room, WUC
  • Hawaii Friday, 6pm Columbia Room or Pacific Room, WUC
  • Improvasaurs Monday, 5pm Wednesday, 5pm Calapooia Room, WUC
  • International Thursday, 5pm Maaske Hall
  • M.E.Ch.A. Tuesday, 6pm Calapooia Room, WUC
  • Math Contact 2nd &10th week on Tuesday at 3 pm, 4th, 6th, 8th week on Mondays at 3 pm, Math Lounge
  • Model United Nations Friday, 11am Ack 141
  • Monmouth Student Nurses Association First Tuesday, 3pm Nursing Building
  • Multicultural Student Union Wednesday, 6pm Columbia Room, WUC
  • Natural Science First Friday, 12pm NS 103
  • Phi Alpha Theta (History) Tuesday, 4pm Library 101
  • Photography Club Saturday, 2pm Online Forum
  • Pre-Law Wednesday, 3:30 pm Please Contact Club
  • Pre-Professional Health Sciences Jan 6 & 20, Feb 3 & 19, Mar 2 & 16, April 6 & 20, May 4 &18, Jun 1st, 4pm Library 210
  • Saudi Club Friday, 2pm Maaske Hall 114
  • Society of Human Resource Management Friday, 12pm Library
  • Spanish Club Tuesday, 6pm Thursday, 6pm Library, First Floor
  • Students for Life Tuesday, 5pm Please Contact Club
  • Triangle Alliance Tuesday, 4pm Ack 141
  • Western Compass Wednesday, 5pm Sing Fay
  • WOU Gerontology Student Association 2nd Monday of the Month, 4pm Todd Hall 106
  • WOU Lion's Club Tuesday, 7pm 2nd Floor Lobby, WUC
  • WOU Psychology Students Association Every Other Wednesday, 12pm Santiam, WUC (Weeks 3, 5, 7, 9)


ASWOU is the student government body of Western Oregon University (WOU). This organization is designed to encompass all of the students at WOU. The student government is tasked with advocating for students' rights to the WOU administration as well as the state of Oregon and the nation. | 503.838.8553

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