Book Exchange

Buy and Sell Textbooks through ASWOU's FREE Program!


What is the Book Exchange?

The Book Exchange is a way for students to sell and buy used textbooks for their classes. Students can sell their used textbooks in the Book Exchange, and other students have the ability to buy the book through their Portal. 

This is a FREE service provided to WOU Students by ASWOU! The Book Exchange is operated by the ASWOU Vice President and the ASWOU Director of Internal Affairs.


How does it Work?

To put your books in the Book Exchange, log onto your Portal and click the Book Exchange tab. The seller sets the price for the book.  If someone buys your book through our program, all of the money goes to the seller. ASWOU does NOT charge a fee to use this program! 

Books are in the Book Exchange system for one year, after which it becomes ASWOU property.

To purchase or reserve a book through the Book Exchange, log onto your Portal and click on the Book Exchange tab. You can search for a book by the ISBN Number.


Any Questions? Contact ASWOU!  |  503.838.8553



ASWOU is the student government body of Western Oregon University (WOU). This organization is designed to encompass all of the students at WOU. The student government is tasked with advocating for students' rights to the WOU administration as well as the state of Oregon and the nation. | 503.838.8553

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